Interior decoration secrets that everyday people can use


Interior design has a lot in common with sorcery. When an interior decorator comes in and completely transforms a space, it can seem like magic. Unfortunately, professional interior decorators don’t come cheap and the average homeowner simply can’t afford the expense.

Here are some interior decorating secrets that may help to demystify what it is interior designers do and help you to have a home that looks like it was decorated by a pro.

Bring the outside in

Try to incorporate natural elements that you’re not accustomed to seeing indoors. Hang some potted plants in the kitchen and have plenty of flowers and plants throughout your home. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, opt for plants that will be hard to kill, even for you. Another way to bring in natural elements is to choose materials like bamboo or sisal for rugs or other furnishings.

Invest in some real artwork

We’re not talking about band posters or the kind of cheap art you might see adorning a dorm room or your first apartment. Of course high quality art can be quite expensive so you have to work within your budget. Avoid clichés and look for things that express your sense of style. Be patient in curating a collection. Accumulate pieces over time and select each piece very carefully.

Think about the functionality of each space

Don’t get so lost in the aesthetics of a room that you forget about how it needs to function. Good interior design fuses aesthetics and functionality. For each room you’re decorating, think about the needs of your family and the various ways the room will be used.

Make use of the ceiling

A mistake most homeowners make is not making use of a room’s full potential. Most homeowners do a pretty good job with decorating the lower half of the roof but they do nothing with the vertical space. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, gallery walls, or even wall-papered ceilings can create visual interest with the upper half of the room and create balance with the interior design.

Think timeless, not trendy

The internet and home fashion magazines are great places to look for inspiration but be careful not to worry too much about what’s currently in vogue. Interior decorating trends come and go with every month that passes.

Don’t put too much stock into what’s currently popular since it might not be a year from now. Instead, focus on timeless design principles and your home won’t look dated just a year or two after you’ve overhauled the interior design.

Go with what suits you

Most important of all, let your own personality shine through with your design choices. Anyone with money can walk into a home design store, buy every item in a collection and take it home. But these ready-made interior decorating collections don’t have that personal flair. Your home might look like something you’d see in a magazine but it won’t look like it’s yours.

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