Nostalgic decorating ideas

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The main reason people decorate their homes is to make it feel like a home instead of just the place you live. The decor you choose says a lot about you. You can pick decor that shows where you come from, where you are, or where you are going. While your present and your future should be a focus, some nostalgia from your past definitely is part of you and your personality. Why not decorate with it? Here are some ideas for your nostalgic decorating.

Theater room

One of the best places to take a trip into your past is in your theater room. It is the perfect place to put up old movie posters and other memorabilia that makes you feel nostalgic for the past. You can get an old slide projector to put on display or some old school food equipment. You can get popcorn machines, and stock the place with candy you used to eat when you were a kid. Even simple red curtains that lead into the room may bring back memories of your childhood. No matter what you end up watching in the room, having that stuff you love from your past will give you all the feels when you walk into the room.

Color in your playroom

Millennials really like the minimalist style, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want a shout out to their past. They thrive on the styles of the 90s, and one place to take advantage of that is in your playroom. Bold colors and internet-themed style is a throwback to the past. They like to put up pictures from favorite cartoons as a kid. Having polaroid cameras on display is a new hot thing. Even the new Nintendo NES Classic is a good addition to your room.

You could consider getting some old video tapes with some of your favorite movies. A classic telephone in the wall is an awesome addition in a playroom where children can play with it, and it gives a throwback to the days when you had to stay attached to the wall when talking with your friends. It’s a very good place to put decor that brings you back and gives your kids a little part of your past as well.

And while you want to throw back to your past in a nostalgic way, you still don’t want to have to look at your ugly baseboard heaters, so get some baseboard radiator covers to complete the final look.

Nostalgia in your kitchen

Another easy place to throwback to your past is in your kitchen where you can get appliances that are just as functional and new as anything else on the market, but they can be made in a nostalgic design. You could pick a 50s theme and decorate your kitchen with a black and white checkered floor and red cabinets. Or even whites and teals can really throwback to a past style. Decorating can reflect a time you lived in and wish you could enjoy again or a time you never got to experience but wish you had a chance to travel to in time. With modern day conveniences and styles from the past, you can have the home with everything you want in it.

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