Large blank wall? Decorate it

House Design Black And White Indoor Wall Trend

Sometimes, a blank wall in your home can be refreshing. It helps declutter the look of your space and gives you a little bit of breathing space in the design. Other times, however, a large blank wall feels very boring and in need of something else. Here are some ideas of ways to fill the space.


If you don’t want to hang anything up but still want a dramatic look to the room, you can try adding some texture. Use wainscot panelling or different types of stone to give a different type of texture to the space.

Make sure you get baseboard heater covers to make your radiator heaters blend in with the baseboards for a finished look. Another thing you can do is buy textured panelling that is installed directly on the wall.

Mount your collection

If you are a collector of sorts, you can try hanging up what you collect as wall decor. Hats, for example, make a great decoration for your wall. Other people do a collection of baskets or small shelves with their collection of bells. Even better, put up your collection of lego buildings you have put together on the wall. Collection art is a great conversation starter and ads a lot of your personality to the space.

Statement wall

Another thing you can do is turn it into a statement wall by putting a bold pattern on it or just using a bold color to change the look of your space. This works better for large blank walls that have a piece of furniture in front of them such as a couch or a table. If there’s nothing in front of the wall, you may want to avoid a single-color paint job.

Oversized art pieces

You could choose to get huge letters or an oversized clock to fill the space. Picking an extra large art piece or two (and even overlapping them) really fills up an empty wall space without distracting from the overall look of the room.

Collage wall

With family photos and art pieces combined together, you are able to put together a collage on your big blank wall. You can do just a couple huge family photos or you can get a bunch of small frames and items and put them together on the wall to give a complete look to the space.


Mirrors are good for a space because they make it look complete and can also make a room feel bigger than it is. You can cover the entire wall with mirrors, or you can instead choose to get a few mirrors and put them next to each other across the wall.

Giant tree branch

Never underestimate how much tree branches can add to your space. Get a large branch that has fallen during a storm and let it dry out. Then, hang it across the wall. If you add some lights behind it, it makes for an awesome art piece.

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