How To Decorate When In An Apartment


When you live in an apartment, you want to be extra careful not to do too much damage to the walls or change anything to the point where you will get charged for it when you move out later. This is especially true for people who know they are only going to be in their apartments for a short time period. But you still want decorations, so the place will look nice and you can feel at home. So what can you do to decorate when you are in an apartment?

Check with landlord on changes

Sometimes, if you are putting improvements into the property, the landlord won’t care if you make changes. I’ve heard of landlords even letting their renters paint as long as the colors are pre-approved. You might be able to get away with a lot more than you realize. In fact, some landlords will give you free rent in exchange for the changes you make if they add value to the place, so check with them first to see what they are okay with you doing.

Use window treatments

One way to really dress up a space without going crazy on paint and decor is by adding some window treatments. If you are worried about putting holes in the wall, you can even get suspension rods to hold up your curtains, so there’s absolutely no damage done to the space. It is a great way to add a pop of color and completely change the feel of the room.

Baseboard heater covers

A lot of old apartments have baseboard radiator covers, but they are unsightly. Adding some baseboard heater covers to go over them will really make the room look clean and neat. Plus, they snap on super easily, so you don’t make any kind of mess or create any damage.

Decorate with the small things

The small things make a huge difference in decorating all the time but especially if you aren’t free to paint, add shelving, or change anything in your apartment. Get throw pillows for your couch and get little knick knacks to put on the counter. A table runner and centerpiece will add a lot to your kitchen space, and a basket with extra pillows and blankets in the living room serves as a design element and is functional.

Small holes are always okay

If you are really nervous about hanging things on the walls in your apartment, you can use command hooks or double sided tape. But try not to be too afraid of small holes. In reality, a small hole or two isn’t going to bother the landlord. And if you are comfortable with fixing up a hole on your own, then go crazy and hang whatever you want. Holes are really not that difficult to patch up, and it may be a good time for you to learn anyway if you plan on owning your own place one day.

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