Two Trending Remodeling Projects That Might Surprise You

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Every year, Houzz releases their annual “Houzz and Home Report” that looks at various remodeling statistics from the previous years. Two projects in particular that you probably wouldn’t expect were trending in 2016.

Spending on room makeovers was up 11% in 2016 compared to 2015 which is surprising when you consider that Houzz doesn’t include kitchen and bathroom remodel spending in this category (the two most frequently remodeled rooms
in the home). But even more surprising was the rooms where the majority of the spending was going. If you guessed living rooms or unfinished basements, you’d be wrong. The master bedroom and laundry room were the hottest remodeling trend in 2016 and it’s continuing into 2017. In fact, spending in 2016 increased by 23% for master bedrooms and 24% for laundry rooms in the span of just one year. Since this is what homeowners obviously want right now, they’re probably wise investments especially if you may be selling in the next few years.

Remodeling the master bedroom

Prospective buyers love a luxurious master bedroom complete with master bath where they will want to spend more time. This is a good place to spend your remodeling budget. For smaller budgets, even smaller-scale projects like baseboard radiator covers which can be installed in minutes for a minimal cost can make a difference.

Remodeling the laundry room

The laundry room is a trickier room to remodel because they’re traditionally small. If it’s at all possible, physically expanding on the square footage in this room could be a huge selling point. If that’s not possible, you can still create more space by incorporating some creative storage solutions and a stackable washer/dryer combination. Above all, focus on any upgrades to the laundry room that make it more functional and add as much shelving as you can fit since it’s the room where most people like to store cleaning materials and other odds and ends that they need to access occasionally and don’t want to store in the garage, basement, or attic.

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